Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dal curry (പരിപ്പ് ചാര്‍)

1. Dip dal in water for 2 hours.
2. Cook dal (2 whisles).
3. Mix coconut, green chilli, little jeerakam, manjal podi, small onion in mixie.
4. Add it to cooked dal.
5. Yummy parippu char ready!


Shabs.. said...

hehe...look who is cooking too....:).type out the recipe as well.....DO u make all these???good good........Pinney, Deepa, u have to be careful,when u take pictures from other blogs and sites, those people can make a big issue on that as taking pics w/o permission is not allowed...I have seen many nasty and unpleasant problems around the blogs which was quite notorious for using somebody else's sookshichollutto...:)

asimplegirl said...

i have removed the snaps now :) too lazy to write down the recipes and take snaps ;)